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Discovery Set Open Box with Candles Stacked
Discovery Set Candle Sampler


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Buying scents online is hard. Until a scratch-and-sniff computer is invented, we will be offering this handy sampler set so you can try out each scent at home before committing. 

Includes six 1-ounce candles—one in each of our signature scents. Each candle will burn for about an hour or two, giving you plenty of time to get a feel for how it burns. We recommend burning each candle in a small space, if possible. This is also a pretty chic alternative to a six-pack of tea lights, for storms and such. 

*Note: This set does not include Terre Bonne, our newest scent. We're working on updating our sampling system now but in the meantime if you want us to include a Terre Bonne sample with this set, leave a note at checkout and we'll throw it in.